Super Healthy Chocolate Bar Recipe

These bars are to be enjoyed by the entire family.  They are a perfect snack idea for your children as well.


2 200gr. Vivani organic dark cooking chocolate bars 

10 Tbsp organic Goji berries*

10 Tbsp organic Chia seeds

6 Tbsp. organic Hemp seeds

6 Tbsp organic Pumpkin seeds

2 Tbsp organic Flax seeds

1 cup chopped organic unsalted almonds


*you must thoroughly blend the Goji berries into powder with 2 tbsp of almonds so that it won’t become very sticky and as this is the only way your body can absorb the nutrients from the berries.



1. Melt the chocolate over low heat or bain marie if possible.  Once the chocolate has melted remove from heat.  

2. Line a pyrex with parchment baking paper.

3. Slowly begin adding each ingredient separately stirring well in between. Add according to the ingredient list above.

4. Pour mix into the pyrex and press into the corners well so that the thickness will be the same from side to side.

5. Refrigerate for up to six hours before cutting into bars.  Bars  must also be stored in refrigerator.


6 super food ingredients

6 super food ingredients


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