My journal.

Here you will get an insight as to what inspires me every day and allows me to maintain a wholesome, happy and fulfilling lifestyle.


My LOVE Yourself Magazine Column


Discover my favourite vegan recipes and personal tips for a balanced and healthy diet.

The 7 Day Detox

Anybody can be a vegan for a week

Allow your body to take a break from preservatives, hormones and antibiotics and stay away from any animal product.

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 Energizing Chocolate Bars to Start Your Day in the Right Way

Energizing Chocolate Bars to Start Your Day in the Right Way

Anti-Oxidant Juices

New recipe in the journal

A healthy detox juice to revitalise your summer

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Being a designer I always surround myself with inspirational pieces from other artists. Take a look at some of my favourites!

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Fushi Organic Avocado Oil

My new discovery is a 24 hour richly textured organic avocado oil.  This is the best skin savor that I’ve ever come across.  Absorbs quickly and can be used day and night to leave the skin looking healthy and beautiful.  I use Fushi on both my face and body!

Beauty Essentials

Discover my absolute beauty essentials that I take with me no matter where I go!

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Fashion & Style

A selection of my favourite items throughout the years.

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In the Press

Thank you Harper's Bazaar for the lovely feature!

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As travelling is a passion of mine, I have collected some of my top travel memories, favourite destinations and personal recommendations worldwide!





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casual beach living

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The best place in the world.

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My secret escape

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